Conan O’Brien and Cynicism

I was reading through my coworker’s blog this morning and came across this article in one of his text links. I thought it was an interesting essay on cynicism, so I figured what the hell why not post it here. This article struck me particularly because I tend to be a cynic when it comes to my own circumstances, disguising it as “being realistic”. However, as of late, with much encouragement and a fresh perspective from the lady in my life, I’ve been learning to accept some degree of optimism and look for opportunities instead of seeing nothing but barriers.

Anyway, rather than have me blather on about it, here’s the link:

And a quote from the article:

Cynicism is a mindset, and—like happiness—it’s generally not specifically situational. I’ve worked with many wealthy, famous people riddled with cynicism, as well as foster kids in the Bronx who inspire me with their determination to suck the marrow out of life.

The perception of opportunity is just that, a perception. The reality of our human condition—wherever we come from—is largely the result of the choices we make every day, and in every moment.”