Cross-Post: Race in US Colleges

My coworker did a really quick but very interesting analysis of race in US colleges using some data from The Chronicle, complete with maps and histograms used to visualize his data. It’s some pretty interesting stuff.


Moving forward, I’d like to see a map similar to the cumulative latitude map, but in longitude, and also a control for HBCU’s which are by nature artificially inflated with black people.

Also, I’m wondering what the maps would look like for hispanic students. I’m willing to bet that it’s a lot worse just because they haven’t had the same degree of a civil rights push that blacks have had which have resulted in a lot of institutionalized pushes for blacks to get into college. Maybe also a split on gender if that data’s available, as it’s often reported that women in the black community are more likely to enter college and graduate than men.

Anyway, awesome stuff, Jim!