Repost: Astronomer to Data Scientist

An interesting blog post that my coworker posted on Facebook.  The author of the post transitioned from Astronomy to a job as a data scientist.  She expounds upon what’s needed to make the jump.  Interesting for those who are considering the move from academia.

I recently made the transition from astrophysics researcher to data scientist for a tech company (Yammer / Microsoft). Below are suggestions for people in academia / research who are interested in pursuing a tech job.

Most tech companies are interested in smart, talented people who can learn quickly and have good problem solving skills. Scientists have these attributes. Therefore if you apply for jobs at tech companies, you’ll likely get at least a response from a recruiter. However, once you get an interview, there are many other skills that the company will try to assess, skills that you may or may not have already. Below are some tips which will help you both in the application / interview process, as well as on the job at a tech company.